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Riot at Trandum Detention Centre
A riot took place at Trandum Detention Centre for asylum seekers close to the Gardermoen International Airport tonight. The riot started at 6.50 pm.
Norway suspends returns to several countries
Returns are suspended to Libya, Uzbekistan and certain parts of Iraq.
Norway suspends returns to Uzbekistan after asylum arrests
In a propaganda film shown on national television in Uzbekistan former Uzbek asylum seekers to Norway are depicted as returned traitors. On Christmas Eve they were sentenced to up to 13 years in prison. (video)
Heavy criticism of government's return policy
Norway is obliged to monitor what happens with people who are deported to dangerous countries. But it does not happen, writes researcher Maja Janmyr in an article in the magazine Røyst.
 - Aftenposten
Warnings of no mercy return policies - (Norwegian)
Return of asylum seekers is devoted much space in the government refugee addition to the state budget. Prime Minister Erna Solberg stresses that it's important to send back asylum seekers without protection needs.
 - VG
More refugees should be returned faster - (Norwegian)
The Norwegian government will follow the European Union closely and repatriate more refugees faster. According to State Secretary Jøran Kallemyr (The Progress Party) the measure may prevent more people from drowning in the Mediterranean.
 - nrk
Shaimaa (11) and her family can return to Norway - (Norwegian)
The National Immigration Board (UNE) has reversed its prior decision and the family of five from Jemen are allowed back to Norway on a one year permit. The family had lived seven years in the country when they where deported to Jemen in November 2014.
 - nrk
Afghan minister asks Norway to take back family - (Norwegian)
The Afghan Refugee Minister says family's security can't be guaranteed in their region of Ghazni.
 - VG
Afghan authorities will stop all forced returns from Norway
Afghanistan will close its borders to all individuals who are deported from Norway, says the country's refugee minister. He adds that the country wants a new return agreement with Norway.
 - Aftenposten
National Police Immigration Service was ready to give up government's demands for more deportations - (Norwegian)
In August last year the National Police Immigration Service (PU) alerted the authorities that they would not be able to meet Minister of Justice and Public Security Anders Anundsen's demand of 7700 deportations of asylum seekers. Mr. Anundsen did not accept this, and he asked PU to speed up the work with the deportations. Later it was agreed on a total of 7100 deportations in 2014.
 - Strasbourg

Violation of article 3 of the Convention to deport vulnerable people to Italy

The European Court of Human Rights finds that it is a violation of Article 3 of the European Convention of Human Rights to deport vulnerable individuals back to Italy under the Dublin Regulation.
Courtroom in the European Court of Human Rights

The court's decision states that the Swiss authorities have to obtain individual guarantees from the Italian authorities that the applicants will be taken care of in a manner adapted to the age of the children and that the family would be kept together (see download pdf 1).

The case concerned the refusal of the Swiss authorities to examine the asylum application of an Afghan couple and their six children and the decision to send them back to Italy.

The Court found in particular that, in view of the current situation regarding the reception system in Italy, the family's needs would not be taken care of in a proper manner.

The decision by the Court will also have implications for the Norwegian authorities and their asylum practise according to spokespeople in the NRK article below (external link).

Up to this day vulnerable people, sick people and families with small children have been deported back to Italy under the Dublin Regulation on a regular basis without first getting formal guarantees that the individuals get a place to live or proper medical attention.